Atavism Online: Synty Addon

Digitally Reincarnated Technologies

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This Addon does not provide any Synty Studio's models, or textures.  It comes with Pre-configured Prefabs for 395 Weapons, and 1414 Modular Items.  The Weapons will work with Any Synty Model lined up in Hands Properly (Exception: Rivals BR Models might not line up 100%).  The Modular items are all Setup on the Modular Fantasy Model.

The Package Contains a Human Male, and Female Character, with Controllers fully setup and ready to use in Atavism.  It also comes with all the Equipment Display Files Setup.

The Files Come with 2 .unity Package files.  Labeled as Step 1 and step 2.  The first has 3 modified CS Files to make the armor switching work.  The 2nd has all the prefabs.  If you are using JUST the weapons & Shields, you will get just the Prefabs and Equipment Display files, as no Code changes are needed to make the weapons work.

REQUIREMENT: This Add-on Requires Unity Version 2018.3 or Newer (new Prefab workflow).  Also Requires AtavismX.

Contains All Polygon Assets Up to and including APOCALYPSE, Excluding Horses at the moment (Coming soon).

As Per our Agreement with Atavism Online, This Addon is free for all Atavism Users.

Coming Soon:
- IK Hands Setup Properly so 2 hand weapons Properly Use 2 Hands
- Animation Controller Pre-setup using RPG Kit Animations
- Mount Setup including All Vehicles
- Character Customizer is currently being Built as well, for the character creation screen.